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la Academia is a language school just south of Manchester, teaching French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and all other languages, to businesses and individual adults and children.

In addition we offer tuition in core school subjects – English, Maths and Sciences, and we run summer English and football camps. There are classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. We love teaching and learning, and we want to help you enjoy learning too. la Academia was started in 2003 and is a family-run business – we are all linguists who appreciate that learning a language is a labour of love – we’ll work hard to help you reach your goals!

You may be a school or nursery looking for French, Spanish or Chinese after school clubs, or for curriculum time MFL classes for your pupils. You may be an organisation that needs business language classes for staff doing business with other countries.  Or you may be an individual or a group of friends who are interested in evening classes or daytime courses in Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese or many other languages for travel or as a hobby.

Chinese Classes

Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. Our Chinese classes will help you to converse at beginner level, and we hope also to offer Intermediate Chinese classes in the near future, as the number of graduates from our Beginner Chinese classes increases. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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French Classes

French is the language of romance. It is also spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide, so it is one of the most important languages to learn. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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Portuguese Classes

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil as well as Portugal, in fact São Paulo, Brazil, has more Portuguese language speakers than any other in the world. Whatever your reasons to learn Portuguese, there is no time like the present. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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Italian Classes

Italian is the mother tongue of nearly 60 million people in the EU (13% of the EU population), and a further 14 million people speak Italian as a second language. Adding in Italian speakers in non-EU countries brings the total worldwide up to more than 85 million. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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Spanish Classes

At la Academia in South Manchester, we have teachers from South America as well as Spain, so we are able to explain the differing cultures as well as the variations in the Spanish language in our classes. Spanish courses at la Academia: We offer a range of classes, so whether you are a beginner, or want to improve from beginner to intermediate or Advanced level, we have Spanish classes to suit you. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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EFL Classes

Not only do we help people learn any language from across the world, but we also provide comprehensive training in English as a foreign language (EFL). We’ve worked with everyone from international sports stars who are new to the UK, to business people on secondment and non-English speaking students. Give us a ring for full details! 0161 491 1444
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