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Spanish at Moss Hey Primary School

Spanish after school clubs teach KS1 and KS2 a natural Spanish accent

Moss Hey Primary is a one form entry community school in Bramhall. The curriculum is organised thematically to maximise children’s engagement in their lessons and provide real and relevant opportunities to develop essential life skills. The school uses a wide range of teaching strategies, including ICT, drama, research, art and music to meet the needs of all the children.

Spanish language after-school clubs for key stage one and two support this approach. The school provides the site and the fee paid by the parents is exactly comparable with other out of school provision.  The Head, Marise Hutchinson, chose La Academia to run the clubs after experiencing first-hand their learner-centred and fun approach.

Why the Spanish language? Many families have Spanish holidays and own apartments in Spain, so there are a real willingness to engage with the clubs. And there’s currently a Spanish family in the school which adds to the dynamic.

“What is great”, Marise explains, “Is that the children are learning from someone whose first language is Spanish—so the children’s accent and intonation is good… La Academia use ICT very cleverly … the children love the lessons. They spontaneously sing Spanish songs around school now and readily greet staff and each other in Spanish too.”

It’s not just ICT though. Spanish parties, Spanish games, traditional British games  such as Musical Bumps or Charades, all in Spanish of course—combine to engage the children’s curiosity to learn more. La Academia and Moss Hey Primary School—working and learning together.

Andrea teaches KS1 Spanish at Moss Hey and Silvi teaches KS2. If you would like to discuss your school’s requirements with Andrea, give la Academia a ring on 0161 491 1444 and we’ll be happy to arrange a free trial Spanish club session or a curriculum time Spanish class at your school. We also offer French, Italian and Chinese!

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