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Primary School Spanish MFL Case Study – Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity CE Primary School—Spanish classes helping to challenge the children
“Lo que bien se aprende, nunca se pierde. What is well learned is never lost.” Spanish proverb

Mark Kenyon, Head Teacher at Holy Trinity, is quietly passionate about the vision he has for his school and for the children there. As he talks you can feel his energy. “Five years ago this was an average school. We’ve rebuilt, invigorated, re-staffed and rebranded—there’s a buzzy atmosphere now…We encourage a wider view than straightforward academic subjects— though these are important—our aim is to make sure the children are challenged.” The goal for each child is simple—to be “Responsible, cultured, independent; someone who will add to society when grown up.”

Teaching the children Spanish fits right in with Mark’s vision for the school. For the past two years la Academia has provided Spanish lessons for every class, from year one on Their success lies in making learning about the Spanish and their language fun. La Academia provides a tutor who adds— in Mark’s words—‘extra oomph’ through the Spanish language lessons.

One of the most successful ways in which La Academia brings that extra value is by holding regular Spanish themed days where the children dress up, learn to dance Salsa and prepare and eat some tasty Spanish tapas.

La Academia’s tutor is “part of the staff, I trust her.” Mark is convinced that the 45 minute weekly Spanish lesson la Academia provides to each class achieves a huge amount and “at a very competitive price”. So much so that some of the children will be visiting Spain to use their language skills—a testament to Mark’s vision, his teaching staff’s commitment and that little bit of Spanish ‘oomph’ provided by la Academia.

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