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Nursery School Spanish – Testimonials

We love teaching Spanish in nursery schools! The children enjoy songs, games and fun in Spanish and learn the language in a very natural way. In April 2016 we received these lovely comments from a nursery school where the children are learning Spanish.

The nursery said “The lessons are always fun, engaging and exciting for the children. The children use the Spanish they have learned within nursery e.g. counting and knowing the colours. It has been fantastic for the children to be taught be someone who speaks Spanish as their first language and who is also warm and friendly”

The parents’ comments included:

“E____ has really enjoyed Spanish. She sings songs at home and is looking forward to trying some of the words on holiday”.

“At first I was hesitant about M_____ doing Spanish lessons but he absolutely loves it! Each day he asks ‘Is it Spanish today?’ and he frequently uses words he’s learnt at home. He even has his younger brother shouting ‘adios’ when we leave nursery!”

“I_____ really enjoys Spanish; she has been teaching her mummy and her big sister some words. She is looking forward to using her Spanish words on holiday”

“D loves his Spanish. He has been telling us about his lessons, teaching me how to count. I think it is amazing that they have had this opportunity so young”.

We are so pleased that the children are enjoying learning Spanish so much. Nursery is a great time to start – definitely not too early – and as the testimonials above show the children pick up the language easily and naturally – setting down language foundations for later in life.

If your nursery school would like to offer Spanish or French to your children, please contact us to find out more.

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