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Nursery school language classes

Have you ever thought of introducing Spanish or French to your Nursery to make it stand out from the rest? Now la Academia offers a free session to your nursery children in the language of your choice.

Young children are wonderful mimics and have a natural ear for languages – there is nothing as sweet as hearing a class of nursery children singing French or Spanish songs in beautiful accents!

La Academia’s nursery school teachers are very experienced in teaching pre-school children French and Spanish (many other languages are also available on request). By engaging children with the activities that they love, and making the language fun, la Academia’s teachers catch the children at the age when they are most receptive.

Major research has found that the earlier children start learning a language, the easier it is for them to master it later on in life. And as Primary Schools have to teach a second language from 2014, you can really help them get a head start!

It’s as easy as this: we send you an early years qualified Spanish or French teacher once per week or fortnight. Each class should be around 40 to 45 minutes long. We bring all the resources, songs, activities, etc… and that’s that!

As we specialize in teaching languages to small children, we can provide you with references on request.

The children love participating in Spanish, they are learning a new language in a fun way which makes it enjoyable to learn at a young age” Lindsay Loftus, Nu Nu nursery Manager

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