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We also offer Maths, English and Science tuition at all levels, as well as offering languages. Whether your child needs help with the early stages of these core school subjects or if they need help with more advanced stages, up to GCSE and “A”-level, la Academia has the answer!

Our skilled and qualified teachers have many years of experience in bringing Maths, English and Science to life. These are core skills at every age, and a child who falls behind in these key subjects can suffer loss of confidence.  It’s important that the teacher can build your child’s confidence back up, so that they are prepared to take on the challenge, consolidate the basic skills and move on to more advanced topics.

Almost every job now demands at least some skills in Maths and English. Your child’s future career choices may be limited by poor attainment in these exams if you do not catch the problem early, and provide your child with some help.

If you have any concerns about your child’s progress in Maths, English and Science from Reception to A-Level, contact la Academia for help. We are used to providing advice and support as well as top level tutors – just give us a call!

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