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Language classes at la Academia

Whatever language you want to learn, la Academia can help you!  We offer you a range of languages and classes, from beginners to advanced, group classes to one-on-one, language learning as a hobby and for exams.

During a course at la Academia, we’ll continually monitor and assess the progress that you’re making. Courses are run on demand, so as you learn we will make classes available to take you on to higher levels.

Progression is key in any learning, and we will assess the progress you are making, either formally or informally, to ensure that you keep improving your language skills. You’ll be fully supported every step of the way. Detailed reports and updates on how you’re doing will show you the areas where you have progressed and our teachers will guide you on how you can further develop your skills.

Our dedicated teachers take your language needs and learning very seriously, however this does not mean that language classes at la Academia are dull – far from it! Central to our philosophy is that learning languages is fun. Many friendships have been formed over the years as our students have developed their language skills together, and the atmosphere is light-hearted but still focused.

La Academia is always on hand to guide and support you.


As a retired teacher of foreign languages it is sad to say that I had been struggling to learn GREEK for more than 30 years! Now, thanks to La Academia, I have managed to make more progress in 10 weeks than in all those years. I will finally be able to understand what they’re saying about me behind the bar in Corfu! My wife has even been inspired to learn “tourist” Greek as well. So, ευχαριστώ πολύ to the Academy in Cheadle.
Nigel and Gaye

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