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Getting the most out of your language classes

We’re a keen lot here at la Academia Language Services, and we cater for all language students, from beginners to advanced. We love to see our students develop their language skills and move on to higher classes as they progress.

Sometimes, our students hit a bit of a plateau in their language learning and they ask for help in moving on to the next stage. As language learners ourselves, we know how this feels, and so we are developing some language learning resources to help you.

The best way to learn a language is by communicating with native speakers, as we do here at la Academia Language Services – but what else can you do to reinforce what you have learned in language classes?

  1. Enjoy yourself!  Even if you have hit a plateau, even if work and home life are stressful, let that all go when you come to lessons.
  2. Take on a personality in your target language! Try to use as much of the target language as possible, give yourself a name of someone who comes from a country that speaks the language, and become that person – their way of talking, gestures etc. It’s fun!
  3. Take notes – bring a notebook to lessons and write down everything – a way of phrasing something in your new language that was unexpected, the pronunciation of a word, new vocabulary…
  4. Spend a few minutes each week on your language (more if you can!). As a minimum, try to read through the notes from your language class a couple of times, once within 2 days of the lesson, while it is fresh, and again the day before or on the day of the next class.
  5. Make a note of any questions that arise while you are doing this, and ask your teacher in the next lesson.
  6. Do your homework! Find a quiet moment somewhere in the week to do it – it is the best way to reinforce what you learned in the lesson.
  7. Ask questions in class. Don’t struggle, ask your teacher for help with anything you don’t understand. It’s likely that if you’re not sure of something other classmates will be feeling the same.
  8. Get to every lesson! However busy the rest of your life becomes, treat yourself to your language lesson each week. Make a complete break from daily life and transport yourself to France, China, Brazil… the world is at your feet!

If you find this resource helpful please share it with your friends who love languages.

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