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Translation/ Interpreting

la Academia’s sister company Accutranslate offers a wide range of translation and interpreting services. We have extensive experience of translating and interpreting in both the private and public sectors. Contact us when you require business, personal or medical documents translating, or when you need a professional and discreet interpreter for business meetings or for police, courts or public sector interpreting (DPSI qualified interpreters available across the Northwest).

In recent years Accutranslate has increasingly provided translation, interpreting and help to overseas employees, including well-known footballers. This can range from interpreting at the place of work, assisting at news conferences or public appearances, to helping when a problem arises with accommodation, or at a child’s school.

For more information on translation and interpreting services contact the friendly team at Accutranslate.  Tel 0800 466 1335, email info@accutranslate.co.uk or click here to see their website.


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