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Group Training
Many of our clients enjoy the dynamic of working in a group and these courses are designed to meet the language needs. The content of the course is reviewed and evaluated on a continual basis and you’ll have the opportunity to immediately interact with others and practise your language skills. We’ve worked successfully with a number of different high-profile companies and developed an excellent reputation for providing what our clients want in a way that is enjoyable and engaging. The classes can take place at our Cheadle head office or at your premises at a time that is most beneficial for your business – this is flexible and can change from week to week. Many of our groups have also complemented their language learning with other activities, such as cultural awareness training and international dance lessons.

“To develop the international arm of our business, we knew that our team needed to speak the language of our clients and potential partners. I’d been on other language courses before and they taught me how to order drinks and ask for directions – although helpful, it didn’t really help me converse successfully in a corporate environment. La Academia is different: I told them what we needed to learn and we worked together to devise a training programme that suited our needs and allowed our company to flourish.”

Ian Gallagher, 55

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