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Business Italian Classes

la Academia helps businesses to communicate more effectively with their Italian customers, suppliers and parent companies.

For example, we provide weekly Italian classes for the UK subsidiary of a large Italian pharmaceuticals business, at their site in Cheadle, Cheshire. The classes are with a native Italian teacher, whose understanding of the Italian way of doing business, local customs and business vocabulary is crucial in helping staff at all levels to improve their Italian.

The purpose of the classes is a serious, business purpose, but at la Academia we believe that learning Italian should be fun, and the classes are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere. By using role play, listening exercises and sketches of work and everyday situations, the learning experience both practical and fun, and the students actually retain the Italian grammar and vocabulary better.

The students are making good progress and enjoying themselves a lot.  The results of this have been increased confidence in dealing with their Italian colleagues, better communication between the UK and Italian offices, and much more productive business visits.

La Academia is happy to demonstrate how we work with a taster session of 30-40 minutes at your offices with a group of up to 6 people.

Contact us with your requirements or to arrange a Business Italian taster session at your offices.

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