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Business Italian Classes – Case Study

Italian lessons help employees to adapt on trips to Head Office (Parma) and to welcome Italian colleagues to the UK office

Chiesi Ltd is the UK subsidiary of an Italian pharmaceutical company, developing products to improve patients’ quality of life by ameliorating respiratory, neonatal and inflammatory conditions.

Colleagues from the UK make regular work trips to Italy. There was a requirement for them to improve their Italian skills to communicate more effectively with colleagues in business and social situations.  Staff from Italy also often visit the UK, and the Italian lessons are proving useful to help the UK staff welcome their Italian colleagues.

La Academia provides 3 x 40-minute lessons a week with a native Italian speaker. There are up to 6 people in each session. The lessons consist of sketches of real-life situations, role play and listening practise, as well as vocabulary development. The language classes focus on everyday life and getting around in Italy as well as business situations.

The purpose of the classes is a serious, business purpose, but at la Academia we believe that learning languages should be fun, and the classes are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere, where the students can learn without pressure or fear of making mistakes. By using music, rhymes and other teaching techniques to relax the group and make it fun, the learning experience is improved and the students actually retain the grammar and vocabulary better.

The Italian students at Chiesi are making good progress and enjoying themselves a lot.  The results of this have been an increase in vocabulary and everyday phrases useful to communicate with colleagues, and an increase in confidence.

Free taster session at your business from la Academia

La Academia provides one-to-one or group tuition in Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages. We also provide English (EFL) classes to help overseas employees working in the UK to improve their English and enjoy their work and social life in the UK to the full.

La Academia is happy to demonstrate how we work with a free taster session of 30-40 minutes at your offices with a group of up to 6 people. Contact us with your requirements (languages, number of students, preferred dates and times) for more details.

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