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He who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his mother tongue

Posted on : October 22, 2014

Thanks to Andrea for the inspiration for this blog post! “Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen” is the original quotation from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and most linguists would probably agree. Each language has its own …

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la Academia – language school or football club?

Posted on : November 16, 2013

We love football at la Academia!  Being based in Greater Manchester we are surrounded by great football clubs and we work with several clubs to provide language services – translation, interpreting, English language tuition for football players, coaches and staff, …

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Japanese translation services can help communicate

Posted on : February 19, 2013

Our Japanese translation services could help you to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and friends in Japan, even if you are not fluent in Japanese yourself. We can translate anything from business documents to medical notes – and can …

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Save the Translation Studies Unit at Imperial College

Posted on : February 12, 2013

At la Academia we believe strongly in the importance of accurate, reliable translation. So we are saddened to see that the excellent Translation Studies Unit (TSU) at Imperial College is under threat of closure or transfer to another institution. The …

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Interpreting – Census data puts spotlight on languages

Posted on : December 12, 2012

The census data released this week shows some interesting statistics on language – for example, nearly 3m households in England and Wales have no adults who speak English as their native language. This presents challenges to the education, legal, health …

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