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OCR proposes to update GCSE language exams to make them more relevant

Posted on : May 22, 2015

The OCR exam board has submitted proposals to Ofqual to develop more youth-friendly exams in MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) removing some conversational topics such as the weather, holidays and zoo visits, and instead offering topics such as tattoos and festivals. …

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“Nobody in the world speaks French”, claims MSP

Posted on : March 12, 2015

In an interesting article in The Scotsman last week a Scottish MEP courted controversy by claiming that “in terms of international trade French is a very minor language”, and suggesting that schoolchildren should learn “Spanish or Arabic or Mandarin or …

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Why “can’t” Brits learn foreign languages?

Posted on : February 2, 2015

Number of foreign language students at university is falling Thanks to the Telegraph for an interesting article this week on the reluctance of Brits to learn a language. “Can’t, won’t, don’t” is how writer John Worne, Director of Strategy at …

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Getting the most out of your language classes

Posted on : October 27, 2013

la Academia has just posted the first in our series of language learning resources. Called “Getting the most out of your language classes” it’s designed to help you maximise your time in class and help you carry your language learning through …

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