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MFL in Primary Schools – free Spanish or French taster lesson!

Posted on : November 28, 2013

Looking for MFL tuition for the children at your primary school to be ready for 2014? Test la Academia’s teachers and materials for free! We’ll send one of our professional teachers to your school for a taster session at no …

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Language tuition for KS2 – French, Spanish and Chinese on DofE list

Posted on : November 18, 2012

On Friday the Department of Education confirmed that, following a consultation earlier in the year, it will make language learning compulsory at Key Stage 2 from September 2014. The DofE has now put forward a list of suggested languages – …

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Language classes in primary schools

Posted on : August 6, 2012

Should MFL be taught in Primary Schools? This is a debate that has raged over the years – sometimes the resources have been there, sometimes not.  With September 2013 only just over a year away MFL in primary schools is …

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