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News fromJanuary, 2016

German lessons and German tuition

Posted on : January 26, 2016

La Academia has a really good group of German language teachers! If you are looking for German evening classes, individual lessons or group in your workplace, we have a choice of teachers to suit you. In addition, language teaching in …

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Concern about language GCSEs and A-levels

Posted on : January 15, 2016

The University Council of Modern Languages (UCML) has “major concerns” about the current state of, and proposed changes to, GCSE and A-level Modern Languages. 9 professors and other senior language specialists wrote to the Chief Regulator of Ofqual, who oversee …

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What does a good EFL teacher look like?

Posted on : January 8, 2016

When you employ as many EFL teachers as la Academia, and for as many reasons – for  football, recent arrivals, manufacturing, business people, high net worth individuals, long-term UK inhabitants, and more, you get to know who makes a good …

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Language processing – different languages process the same way

Posted on : January 6, 2016

Recent research in Taiwan has shown that people process language in the same way, even when their native languages are very different. Studying speakers of 4 very different languages – English, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese – the team showed that …

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